Well I’ve done it, I canceled my WoW account. Sadly it’s because I really don’t have much of a reason to play anymore. Several of my friends stopped playing, then about 3 weeks ago my guild’s two tanks decided to take a break leaving us stranded.

On top of that one of the tanks was the primary raid leader and there wasn’t anyone really there to take his place. Even so we might have receovered but losing our two geared tanks sort of did us in. We were through Illidan and working on SWP and honestly you can’t just pick of a random tank to fill in when you’re that far. So people starting bailing pretty quickly and all that’s left in the guild are the super casual players, and people who got a bit tired with the whole raid grind.

I guess I could have joined a different guild but I myself was getting a bit tired of raiding especially without my friends around. Plus there’s always the fun of trying to apply to a new guild, and hoping that you don’t end up with a bunch of people you can’t stand. I just don’t enjoy playing with $random people I haven’t met enough to go through all that effort.

So despite having some of the best raiding gear in the game, I’ve pulled the plug on my account. Perhaps I’ll return with WotLK and start raiding again but who knows.

RIP Edge of Eternity