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I’ve been playing a bunch of Starcraft II lately.  I have to say the game is shaping up to be a classic. Most of the races have different units, though a few key units carry over from Starcraft. Such as the Zealot, Carrier, Zergling, Hydralisk, Marine, and Battlecruiser. Even though a few of the units are the same they’ve been tweaked slightly to fit in with the new units added to each race.

So far I don’t really have a favorite race as I’ve been playing all my matches as random. Of course this means I never really learn any one strat very well so I think it’s hurting my overall ability to play. But it’s fun to learn all the races. They also automatically record replays of all your matches so you can go watch what other players did to slaughter you :).

I’ve been doing 2v2 matches over the last couple of days with my brother, and in one memorable match the other team accused us of using “hacks” claiming we had more resources than they did. Which was really funny since they had totally wiped my brother out, and he had like 5 units left.

Also the recently sent out a wave of invite a friend Beta keys and I have an extra key. Anyone think they’ll play the beta a bunch and need a key?

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  1. Hey,

    I know you don’t know me but I saw your tweet about the key and figured what have I got to lose, right? I’ve been watching LiveStream footage quite a bit of the beta, envious of those that got in, but still enjoying watching the good (and bad) games that people were playing. I’ve been anxiously searching for a key, trying contests etc, hoping to find a way in so I can get my hands dirty and help Blizzard make SC2 the best game it can be.

    Long story short, you don’t know me, but I certainly won’t sell the key on ebay or anything stupid like that, and I’d be on a *lot*, especially during the week.

    If you haven’t found a friend to give the key to, I would love to give it a good home in my account.


  2. I’ve been dying to play SC2 since its announcement. If you still have an extra key and wouldn’t mind, could I have it? I’d be playing the Beta 24/7.

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