Nerdfest 2008? Should I go?

It looks like Blizzard has decided to host a Blizzcon convention for the year 2008 down in Anaheim Oct 10th-11th. As I’m currently fairly active playing WoW at the moment I’m tempted to go to learn about their upcoming games, try out Starcraft II, and maybe meet some WoW guildies in real life.

I’ve never been to a convention like this and I’m not sure I want to go by myself. My “real life” friends who play WoW are all still at school and hitting up a convention is probably out for them. Anyone out there ever been to something like Blizzcon (Comic Con, GenCon or some other ConCon)? Is this something that’s worth going to by oneself or does it need to be experienced with friends. Something tells me it’s not worth going unless I can drag convince someone to come with.

2 thoughts on “Nerdfest 2008? Should I go?

  1. Is there a musical guest at Blizzcon this year? I wanted to go really bad in 2005 when the Offspring were playing there.

  2. They haven’t announced any details about who’ll be doing music.

    Last year they had “Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieften”, which is some WoW tribute band.

    Personally I don’t find their music particularly good, or amusing even if it’s about WoW but they seem to have a following. They might be back again but I’d prefer they get a real band this year.

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