I’m not dead yet

In case anyone happens to follow this site, they’ll notice I haven’t been very active recently. In fact my last post was back in February of 2013, over a year ago by my count. Well it turns out not much has changed. I’m still really busy, still looking to buy a house (prices are even WORSE now), the beer hoard has gotten worse, I took off and put back on weight (back to 220ish in Jan), and I still don’t have much time for gaming.

That said there have been a few good spots. Patricia and I took a road trip up the west coast around my birthday of this year. We went up highway 101 until it hit Seattle and came back down via I-5, and OR97 hitting up a ton of breweries and food places along the way (probably where I gained back any lost weight). At some point I should post some reviews or list a few of my favorite stops.

In November over Thanksgiving Patricia and I got engaged, while a joyous event it does leave me a bit further from my goal of buying a house. Prior to the whole engagement thing we decided to do something bit crazy and decided to commit ourselves to 11 half-marathons over the course of 2014. Yes, 11, in fact we completed our first Marathon of the year back in January. Anyways I plan to do another post about the whole marathon thing. As for the engagement we don’t have a date for a wedding or anything. That’s going to have to come after we finish all those marathons and find a house since we don’t really have time to plan a wedding with so many trips.

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