iPhone 2.0, now 10% more expensive!

Well today Apple announced the new 3G iPhone which I’ve been waiting for. I had planned to pick an iPhone up but unfortunately Apple has raised the price. Wait you say, didn’t Apple also announce a $200 price cut starting the iPhone out at $199 for an 8GB and $299 for a 16GB.

You’re right they give you a small discount, only they didn’t mention that ATT has now increased the data plan cost from $20 to $30 a month. This means you now pay $10 a month more for your iPhone than before. Since you need a 2 year contract over 24 Months you now pay $40 more for the iPhone than you did prior to this “price cut”.

I guess you now get 3G speeds, and GPS so perhaps the $40 increase is worth it. But given a year of time I’d expect costs to go down so more features for the same price should be what we get. I don’t think the dollar’s dropped a whole 10% against the rest of the world in the last year.

Now after seeing AT&T’s price increase I’m not sure I want to get an iPhone. $70 a month is a lot for phone service. I pay $40 or so for my 6MB/s DSL including the phone line so this cell cost seems a bit pricey.

Good Bye Wells Fargo

I’m currently searching for a new bank to open a checking account with. It seems that due to a race condition with my direct deposit, and a mid month statement date, I managed to dip under a ridiculously high minimum balance (waived with direct deposit) in my checking account. Since the account pays a whole 0.010% interest the $12 fee is more than I’ve ever earned from that account in it’s entire history.

As Wells Fargo offers terrible rates and wasn’t willing to do anything about the charge the account is now closed. I just hope my next paycheck doesn’t try to go into that account despite my removing it from direct deposit.

If anyone knows of any good banks out in CA that have good customer service please let me know. I’m seriously considering just banking from my online money market or brokerage accounts, the only downside is ATM operators stick you with fees for being out of network (neither of my banks charge). So if anyone knows of fee free ATMs in the bay area that might work too.